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Dr. Hubert Cochet

Dr. Hubert Cochet

Dr. Hubert Cochet is hospital practitioner in medical imaging at Bordeaux University hospital. He is a member of CTCRB Inserm Unit U1045 (Cardiothoracic Research Center) as well as a steering committee member and coordinator of the cardiology axis at TRAIL excellence laboratory (Translational Research and Advanced Imaging Laboratory). He is the imaging team coordinator at Liryc University Hospital Institute (Institut de Rythmologie et Modélisation Cardiaque).

Summary CV

Hubert Cochet, MD PhD, born in 1976, is associate professor in radiology, since 2014. He obtained his MD in 2009, and PhD in 2013. He is coordinator of the cardiovascular imaging unit in the department of radiology, and member of INSERM unit U1045 (Center for Cardio-Thoracic Research, directed by Prof. Roger Marthan). He is steering committee member and coordinator of the cardiology axis at the TRAIL cluster of excellence: translational research and advanced imaging laboratory. He is also coordinator of the Imaging Team at the Liryc University Hospital Institute (Institut de Rythmologie et Modélisation Cardiaque). His researches focus on the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or multi-detector tomodensitometry to characterize the structural substrate of cardiac arrhythmias and elimination of electrocardiographic imaging to guide catheter ablations.

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