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Université de Bordeaux
FHU SMART Small Artery Disease transdisciplinary project
Cluster of excellence

Core Partners

  Clinical services / Research unit Site / Institution Contact PI
VINTAGE Inserm U1219, VINTAGE "Vascular and Neurological diseases: integrative and genetic epidemiology" INSERM-UB Prof. Stéphanie Debette, Coordinator
CVAI Inserm U1034, CVAI “Cardio‐Vascular adaptation to ischemia“ INSERM-UB Prof. Thierry Couffinhal, Co-coordinator
LEHA Inserm U1219, LEHA “Lifelong exposures, health and ageing“ INSERM-UB Dr. Cécile Delcourt
EMOS Inserm U1219, EMOS “Health economy“ INSERM-UB Prof. Jérôme Wittwer
RNAIM Inserm U1029, RNAIM “Regulatory networks in angiogenesis, invasion, metastasis” INSERM-UB Prof. Andreas Bikfalvi
CBiB  CBiB "Bioinformatics Centre of Bordeaux" UB Dr. Macha Nikolski 
GIN CNRS/CEA UMR5296, GIN “Neurofunctional Imaging Group” CNRS/CEA - UB Prof. Bernard Mazoyer
MABioVis  CNRS UMR5800, MABioVis “Models and algorithms for bioinformatics and visualisation“ UB  Prof. Guillaume Blin
CIC-EC CIC-EC "Center for Clinical Investigation – Clinical Epidemiology" Inserm ‐ UB ‐ CHUB ‐ Bergonié Institute Prof. Geneviève Chêne
CEPTA CEPTA "Center for Exploration, Prevention & Treatment of Atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases" CHUB Prof. Thierry Couffinhal
OPHT Ophtalmology department CHUB Prof. Jean-François Korobelnik
HOSP Cardiology and blood pressure department CHUB Prof. Philippe Gosse
HOSP Hemostasis laboratory CHUB Dr. Chloé James
HOSP Nuclear Medicine CHUB Prof. Laurence Bordenave
HOSP Diagnostic and therapeutic Neuroimaging department CHUB Prof. Vincent Dousset
HOSP Diagnostic and therapeutic Radiology department CHUB Prof. Hubert Cochet
CMRR Memory Clinic CHUB Prof. François Tison
UNV Neurovascular Unit CHUB Prof. Igor Sibon
UB: University of Bordeaux; CHUB: University Hospital of Bordeaux; INSERM: Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale; CNRS: Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; CEA: Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique; HOSP: Hospital department