Université de Bordeaux
FHU SMART Small Artery Disease transdisciplinary project
Cluster of excellence

Funding obtained within the SMART network


Industrial and other private:



    • IdEX C-SMART - Cerebral SMall ARTery disease: a transethnic approach for deciphering its genomic determinants
    • VASCOGENE (ANR-14-CE12-0016) - Using genetic variants to explore association between vascular factors and cognitive decline / dementia
    • CoSTREAM (H2020-PHC-2015) - Common mechanisms and pathways in Stroke and Alzheimer's disease
    • SEGWAY (ERC-2014-STG) - Study on Environmental and GenomeWide predictors of early structural brain Alterations in Young students
    • BRIDGET (JPco-fuND2015) - BRain Imaging, cognition, Dementia and next generation GEnomics: a Transdisciplinary approach to search for risk and protective factors of neurodegenerative disease
    • Bordeaux University VIVA - Vascular Aging
    • Endothelial dysfunction in heart failure (Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale 2017-2020)
    • PDZRN3, une ubiquitine ligase E3 dans les pathologies cardiovasculaires (Fédération Française de Cardiologie 2016-2018)
    • CardioPDZ (ANR-16-CE17-0001) - Physiopathology of the ubiquitine Ligase E3, PDZRN3, in the development of eccentric hypertrophy and transition to heart failure
    • PRESTIGE-AF (H2020-SC1-2017) - PREvention of STroke in Intracerebral haemorrhaGE survivors with Atrial Fibrillation