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Dr. Carole Dufouil

Dr. Carole Dufouil

Dr. Carole Dufouil is epidemiologist and biostatistician, research director at Bordeaux Population Health Inserm Center U1219, and co-director of the VINTAGE team. Her research focuses on determinants of neurological diseases, especially Alzheimer’s disease. She is also interested in methodological challenges related to the analysis of studies on determinants of brain health. She is co-PI of the MEMENTO study and coordinates the MELODEM initiative.


Summary CV

Carole Dufouil, PhD, born in 1969, is research director at Inserm Center UMR1219, and co-director of the VINTAGE team (Vascular and Neurological diseases: INTegrative and GEnetic epidemiology). She has published over 170 articles in international journals (H-index WOS: 55) and is a member of the editorial board of Alzheimer’s and Dementia: translational research & clinical interventions. Her research focuses on the determinants of neurological diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. She is particularly interested in the role of vascular risk factor exposure and cognitively stimulating activities, and in imaging markers (Positron Emission Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of brain aging and disease. She is also interested in the methodological challenges related to the analysis of studies on determinants of brain health and has created the international MELODEM initiative, which aims at harmonizing analytical approaches in longitudinal studies on dementia. Dr. Dufouil is co-PI of the 3C-Dijon study and co-PI of the MEMENTO study, a national clinical cohort, which was set up in the context of the Alzheimer Plan 2008-2013 and aims at improving our understanding of the natural course of Alzheimer’s disease.

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