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Prof. Jean-Michel Boiron

Prof. Jean-Michel Boiron is professor in clinical hematology, transfusion, at the University Hospital and University of Bordeaux. He is currently affiliated with Inserm U1034, with a particular focus on enhancing exploitation and dissemination of research.

Summary CV

Jean-Michel Boiron, MD PhD, born in 1961, is Professor of Hematology and Transfusion at the University Hospital and University of Bordeaux. He is affiliated with Inserm U1034 and currently in “administrative mobility” from the EFS (French national blood bank). He is senior executive master of ESCP Europe. His professional background is as follows: Lecturer (1993-); University Professor (2008-); Hospital Doctor (grafts Sector Hematology), Bordeaux University Hospital (1993-2004); Director of the French national blood bank (EFS) for the Aquitaine Limousin region (550 FTE, 2004-2012), Head of the EFS (French national blood bank) National Training Agency (2014-). His medical areas of expertise are: Hematology, Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplants, Cell Therapy, Transfusion. As director of a public institution, he developped skills in management, quality control, total quality management, and project management. Orientation and exploitation of research activities, innovation and societal impacts of research are important current topics of interest in which he proposes to invest time for SMART (as he has been doing in the past 2 years for INSERM U1034).

Selected References

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