Université de Bordeaux
FHU SMART Small Artery Disease transdisciplinary project
Cluster of excellence

Prof. Jean-François KorobelnikProf. Jean-François Korobelnik

Prof. Jean-François Korobelnik is Professor of Ophthalmology at the University Hospital of Bordeaux since 1999, head of the ophthalmology department. Pr. Korobelnik is involved in clinical research,...

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Dr. Philippe Gosse

Dr. Philippe Gosse is hospital practitioner in cardiology at Bordeaux University Hospital where he leads the department of cardiology and hypertension, at Saint André University Hospital. He is...

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Dr. Chloé James

Dr. Chloé James is associate professor and hospital practitioner in the hematology laboratory of Bordeaux University Hospital, specialized in hematology and homeostasis. Within Inserm U1034, she...

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Dr. Catherine Helmer

Dr. Catherine Helmer is a physician-epidemiologist researcher at Bordeaux Population Health Inserm Center UMR1219. Within the LEHA team she leads various research projects on the relation between...

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Prof. Marie-Noëlle DelyferProf. Marie-Noëlle Delyfer

Pr. Marie-Noëlle Delyfer, director for SMART clinical activities, is university professor and hospital practitioner in ophthalmology at Bordeaux University Hospital. Her areas of expertise include...

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Dr. Carole DufouilDr. Carole Dufouil

Dr. Carole Dufouil is epidemiologist and biostatistician, research director at Bordeaux Population Health Inserm Center U1219, and co-director of the VINTAGE team. Her research focuses on...

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