Université de Bordeaux
FHU SMART Small Artery Disease transdisciplinary project
Cluster of excellence

Pr. Thierry Couffinhal, Co-coordinatorPr. Thierry Couffinhal, Co-coordinator

Pr Thierry Couffinhal is Professor of Cardiology at Bordeaux University and head of the Exploration, Prevention and Care Center for Atherosclerosis (CEPTA), Cardio-thoracic section, at Bordeaux...

Pr. Stéphanie Debette, CoordinatorPr. Stéphanie Debette, Coordinator

Stéphanie Debette is Professor of Epidemiology at University of Bordeaux (UBx) and leads a team on “vascular and neurological diseases: integrative and genetic epidemiology” (VINTAGE) at Bordeaux...

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